Ying-zeng Yin

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A novel triband square-slot antenna with symmetrical L-strips is presented for WLAN and WiMAX applications. The proposed antenna is composed of a square slot, a pair of L-strips, and a monopole radiator. By employing these structures, the antenna can yield three different resonances to cover the desired bands while maintaining small size and simple(More)
A coax-feed wideband dual-polarized patch antenna with low cross polarization and high port isolation is presented in this letter. The proposed antenna contains two pairs of T-shaped slots on the two bowtie-shaped patches separately. This structure changes the path of the current and keeps the cross polarization under -40 dB. By introducing two short pins,(More)
A novel pattern reconfigurable antenna is proposed in this letter by introducing a unique finite periodic structure. The H-shaped units are precisely arranged on the both sides of the dipole to direct the power flowing in the end-fire direction. When the antenna operates with the PIN diodes between the units, different radiation patterns can be easily(More)
Design, fabrication, and measurement of a new compact filter-antenna for modern wireless communication systems are presented in this letter. Two microstrip square open-loop resonators, a coupled line, and a Γ-shaped antenna are used and integrated to be a filter-antenna. The Γ-shaped antenna is excited by a coupled line that is treated as the(More)
A compact multiple-input-multiple-output (MIMO) antenna is presented for ultrawideband (UWB) applications. The antenna consists of two open L-shaped slot (LS) antenna elements and a narrow slot on the ground plane. The antenna elements are placed perpendicularly to each other to obtain high isolation, and the narrow slot is added to reduce the mutual(More)
A patch antenna with parasitic strips is presented for wideband circular polarization. In order to broaden the axial-ratio (AR) bandwidth of the original corner-truncated patch, four parasitic strips are sequentially rotated and gap-coupled around the patch. A capacitive-coupled feed with a small disc on the top of the feeding probe is utilized to obtain a(More)
A novel tuned loop feed for patch antennas is described. The arrangement provides a symmetrical excitation of the patch with a double tuned response with enhanced bandwidth. The tuned loop together with the patch can be seen as a band pass filter comprising a series resonator and parallel resonator tuned to the same frequency. The tuned loop can easily be(More)
A compact multiresonator-loaded planar antenna for multiband operation is presented. Multiresonator-loaded structures including a pair of symmetrical edge resonators and a T-shaped stub resonator are employed. By loading these resonators, a U-shaped monopole antenna can yield three independent resonances while achieving a compact size of <formula(More)
A wideband printed dipole antenna array is proposed for WLAN and Bluetooth applications. The proposed antenna array, consisting of two printed-strip dipoles, the arms of which are printed on opposite side of an electrically thin dielectric substrate and connected through a parallel strip-line, is presented. The printed strip dipole antenna element is(More)
A novel compact UWB antenna with 3.5/5.5 GHz dual notch-band characteristics is presented. The proposed antenna has a simple structure and compact size of 30 × 35mm2. Firstly, a compact modified rotated monopole antenna that covers UWB band is achieved. Then by inserting a λ/4 stub and etching two symmetrical λ/4 L-shape slots on the UWB antenna achieved(More)