Ying-jun Tan

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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE The in vivo cardiac differentiation and functional effects of unmodified adult bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells (BMSCs) after myocardial infarction (MI) is controversial. Our previous results suggested that hypergravity promoted the cardiomyogenic differentiation of BMSCs, and thus we postulated that ex vivo pretreatment of BMSCs(More)
It is well known that cytoskeleton system is the sensor of gravity in cells. Under microgravity condition, cytoskeleton is associated with the changes of cell shape, function, signaling and so on; but the relationship between cytoskeleton and gene expression is not fully understood. In present study, we discussed the effects of cell microfilament on the(More)
Objective To perform a meta-analysis to evaluate studies investigating the association between ATG16L1 gene polymorphism and Crohn's disease. Methods PubMed, Embase and Web of Science databases were searched for all studies focusing on the association of ATG16L1 and Crohn's disease. Combined odds ratios with 95% confidence intervals were calculated for four(More)
This article introduces a new-type anti-rotation reduction internal fixator, which can be applied in various spine fractures and dislocations in order to shorten the operation time, to raise reduction effect, and to reduce the complications such as the loss of reduction, broken nail, broken rod etc. Biomechanical tests and clinical applications have proved(More)
Space flight is known to produce a number of neurological disturbances. The etiology is unknown, but it may involve increased oxidative stress. A line of experimental evidence indicates that space flight may disrupt antioxidant defense system and result in increased oxidative stress. In vitro studies found that abundant of NO was produced in rat(More)
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