Ying-jian Li

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There are many ongoing investigations to improve the oral bioavailability of peptide and protein formulations. Bioadhesive polysaccharide chitosan nanoparticles (CS-NPs) would seem to further enhance intestinal absorption of them. In this study, Insulin-loaded CS-NPs were prepared by ionotropic gelation of CS with tripolyphosphate anions. Its particle size(More)
The extent and nature of dental and cranial sexual dimorphisms in extant hominoids have been investigated using reliably sexed samples of Homo sapiens (n = 75), Pan troglodytes (n = 51), Gorilla gorilla (n = 64) and Pongo pygmaeus (n = 43). Seventy nine measurements (35 dental, 16 mandibular and 28 cranial) formed the basis of the study. The patterns of(More)
Previous light microscopic investigations have indicated that, in the rat, the innervation of mesenteric lymph nodes may be less dense than that of axillary nodes. However, nerves of the enteric system are difficult to visualise by light microscopy. Therefore we quantified the density of innervation of axillary and mesenteric lymph nodes at the(More)
AIM To formulate and characterize insulin-loaded adhesive microspheres (MP) and evaluate drug effects of MP with various sizes, 120, 350, and 1000 nm in diameter, in the alloxan-induced diabetic rats. METHODS Insulin-loaded MP were formulated by an ionotropic gelation procedure. Particle size distributions were determined by photon correlation(More)
AIM To study chitosan-coated poly (lactic-co-glycolic acid) (PLGA) nanoparticles (NPs) on enhancing gastrointestinal absorption of insulin. METHODS Insulin-loaded PLGA multiple emulsions were prepared by a double-emulsion method. Using chitosan as a stabilizer, chitosan-coated PLGA-NPs was prepared. The changes of the morphology, size distribution and(More)
The vagueness of queries is a thorny problem of web search all the time. Because of the length of queries is general short, identifying user's search intent from a single query session is unpractical. In this paper, a result recommendation method which refers to the idea of swarm intelligent to optimizing the result list is proposed to solve this problem.(More)
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