Ying-hua Zhao

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Acoustic emission testing technique is a dynamic testing technology. In this paper, the relationship between the cumulative energy of acoustic emission and lower cycle reversal loads is studied based on results of the experiments on underwater concrete columns, and waveform acoustic emission signal of different destruction states is picked up. Spectrum(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the machinability of a novel dental mica glass-ceramic and analyze the effect of heat-treatment on its ductile machinable behavior. METHODS The drilling and turning experiment were used to measure the machinabilities of the control group (feldspar ceramic: Vita Mark II) and 7 experiment groups treated with different(More)
For the purposes of investigating the free vibration response of the spatial curved beams, a set of deferential equations of motion are derived in matrix formats, considering the variable curvature and torsion. The theory includes all the effects of rotary inertia, shear and axial deformations. Frobenius’ scheme and the dynamic stiffness method are(More)
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