Ying-ge Zhang

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Gastric cancer stem cells (CSCs) play a crucial role in the initiation, development, relapse and metastasis of gastric cancer because they are resistant to a standard chemotherapy and the residual CSCs are able to proliferate indefinitely. Therefore, eradication of this cell population is a primary objective in gastric cancer therapy. Here, we report a(More)
OBJECTIVE To prepare a new dosage formulation of activated carbon nanoparticles adsorbing mitomycin C (MMC-ACNP) and evaluate the beneficial effects of intraperitoneally applied MMC-ACNP as a drug delivery system for lymphatic targeting in preventing metastasis and recurrence of gastric cancer. METHODS MMC-ACNP was prepared. Acute toxicity after its(More)
OBJECTIVE To analyze the relationship between the expression of FasL, Perforin and Granzyme B and the development of acute graft versus host disease (aGVHD) after allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (allo-HSCT). METHODS The peripheral blood mRNA expression of granzyme B, perforin, fasL from 17 patients after allo-HSCT was detected by(More)
OBJECTIVE To observe the three-dimensional morphological changes on the membrane surface of primary cultured rat hippocampal neurons in response to kainic acid (KA) exposure. METHODS After isolation and primary culture, Wistar rat hippocampal neurons were treated with KA at the concentrations of 0, 25, and 250 micromol/L for different durations (10 and(More)
BACKGROUND Amyloid peptide precursor (APP) as the precursor protein of peptide betaamyloid (β-amyloid, Aβ), which is thought to play a central role in the pathogenesis of Alzheimer's disease (AD), also has an important effect on the development and progression of AD. Through knocking-in APP gene in animals, numerous transgenic AD models have been set up for(More)
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