Ying-fei Li

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In this paper, a new strategy of drug metabolite discovery and identification was established using high-performance liquid chromatography with high resolution mass spectrometry (HPLC-HRMS) and a mass spectral trees similarity filter (MTSF) technique. The MTSF technique was developed as a means to rapidly discover comprehensive metabolites from multiple(More)
This study compared the pharmacokinetics of albiflorin (ALB) and paeoniflorin (PAE), respectively, after oral administration of ALB, PAE, Radix Paeoniae alba (RPA) extract, and Danggui-Shaoyao-San (DSS) extract to rats on separate occasions. Analytes were detected simultaneously with liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry. Noncompartmental(More)
Effects of four Si-Wu-Tang (SWT)'s constituents, fructose (Fru), paeoniflorin (Pae), ferulic acid (FA), tetramethyl pyrazine (TP), and their combination on irradiated mice as model of anaemia were investigated, with the purpose of further understanding the relationship between SWT's constituents and activities. Similarly to SWT, oral administration of Fru,(More)
OBJECTIVE To observe the effects of siwu tang on protein expression of bone marrow of blood deficiency mice and provide the theoretical and experimental basis for understanding the molecular mechanism of blood enriching function of siwu tang. METHOD Blood deficiency mice were established by using 3.5 Gy 60Co gamma-ray. With proteomic technologies(More)
Activated leukocyte cell adhesion molecule (ALCAM) has been identified as a novel potential molecular marker of human tumors. The present study aimed to assess ALCAM as a prognostic marker for gastric cancer (GC), and to explore the mRNA deregulation underlying the abnormal expression of ALCAM. The mRNA and protein expression of ALCAM in GC and adjacent(More)
OBJECTIVE Isolation and expansion tumor spheres from colorectal cancer cell line Colo205 cultured in serum-free medium(SFM) supplemented with human recombinant EGF and bFGF. METHODS Colo205 cells were cultivated in SFM,while cells cultivated in serum-supplemented medium(SSM) served as the control. Cells morphology were observed by optical microscope, and(More)
Our group established a method to culture spheres under serum-free culture condition. However, the biological characteristics and the tumorigenicity of spheres are unknown. Here, we demonstrate that sphere cells expressed high levels of the putative colorectal cancer stem cell markers CD133 and CD44. The CD133-positive rates were 13.27 ± 5.62, 52.71 ± 16.97(More)
In this paper, the metabolites of four soy isoflavones, daidzein, daidzin, genistein, and genistin, on perfused rat intestine-liver model were investigated by high-performance liquid chromatography coupled with high-resolution mass spectrometer/tandem mass spectrometer. Totally 16 metabolites were detected and identified based on accurate mass,(More)
For drug candidates, a plasma protein binding (PPB) more than 90% is more meaningful and deserves further investigation in development. In the study, a high-performance liquid chromatography method employing column containing immobilized human serum albumin (HSA) to screen in vitro PPB of leading compounds was established and successfully applied to tested(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the mechanisms of angiotonin II (AngII)-induced Ca(2+)-independent pathways mediated by Rho kinase in hepatic stellate cells (HSCs). METHODS HSC-T6 cells were treated with 1 micromol/L of AngII, and the subsequent cell contraction was directly observed with silicone rubber membrane culture method. The cells with 10 micromol/L(More)