Ying-Zong Juang

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—An intrinsic-tuned, 68 GHz voltage controlled os-cillator (VCO) without an extra on-chip accumulation-mode metal oxide semiconductor (MOS)-varactor is demonstrated in a standard, 0.13 m CMOS technology. This VCO exhibits phase noises of 98.4 dBc/Hz and 115.2 dBc/Hz at 1 and 10 MHz offset, respectively, along with a tuning range of 4.5% even under a small(More)
This paper presents a highly-integrated DNA detection SoC, where several kinds of cantilever DNA sensors, a readout circuit, an MCU, voltage regulators, and a wireless transceiver, are integrated monolithically in a 0.35 μm CMOS Bio-MEMS process. The cantilever-based biosensors with embedded piezoresistors aim to transduce DNA hybridization into resistance(More)