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Boolean Satisfiability is probably the most studied of combinatorial optimization/search problems. Significant effort has been devoted to trying to provide practical solutions to this problem for problem instances encountered in a range of applications in Electronic Design Automation (EDA), as well as in Artificial Intelligence (AI). This study has(More)
In recent years, we have witnessed a tremendous growth in the volume of text documents available on the Internet, digital libraries, news sources, and company-wide intranets. This has led to an increased interest in developing methods that can help users to effectively navigate, summarize, and organize this information with the ultimate goal of helping them(More)
Fast and high-quality document clustering algorithms play an important role in providing intuitive navigation and browsing mechanisms by organizing large amounts of information into a small number of meaningful clusters. In particular, clustering algorithms that build meaningful hierarchies out of large document collections are ideal tools for their(More)
Query performance prediction aims to estimate the quality of answers that a search system will return in response to a particular query. In this paper we propose a new family of pre-retrieval predictors based on information at both the collection and document level. Pre-retrieval predictors are important because they can be calculated from information that(More)
We propose the use of punctured turbo codes for compression of correlated binary sources. Compression is achieved because of puncturing. The resulting performance is close to the theoretical limit provided by the Slepian–Wolf theorem. No information about the correlation between sources is required in the encoding process. The proposed source decoder(More)
This paper evaluates the performance of different criterion functions in the context of partitional clustering algorithms for document datasets. Our study involves a total of seven different criterion functions, three of which are introduced in this paper and four that have been proposed in the past. We present a comprehensive experimental evaluation(More)
Autophagy is characterized by the sequestration of bulk cytoplasm, including damaged proteins and organelles, and delivery of the cargo to lysosomes for degradation. Although the autophagic pathway is also linked to tumour suppression activity, the mechanism is not yet clear. Here we report that cytosolic FoxO1, a forkhead O family protein, is a mediator of(More)
SNARE proteins (soluble NSF-attachment protein receptors) are thought to be central components of the exocytotic mechanism in neurosecretory cells, but their precise function remained unclear. Here, we show that each of the vesicle-associated SNARE proteins (v-SNARE) of a chromaffin granule, synaptobrevin II or cellubrevin, is sufficient to support(More)
Petroleum oil spill happens occasionally at sea. It's important to differentiate the exact products in order to carry out following actions to decrease harmfulness. In the present study, a rapid oil spill identification method by near infrared spectroscopy coupled with pattern recognition techniques is proposed. 56 simulated spilled oils of gasoline, diesel(More)