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The eubacterial SOS system is a paradigm of cellular DNA damage and repair, and its activation can contribute to antibiotic resistance. Under normal conditions, LexA represses the transcription of many DNA repair proteins by binding to SOS 'boxes' in their operators. Under genotoxic stress, accumulating complexes of RecA, ATP and single-stranded DNA (ssDNA)(More)
Rad51 is the central catalyst of homologous recombination in eukaryotes and is thus critical for maintaining genomic integrity. Recent crystal structures of filaments formed by Rad51 and the closely related archeal RadA and eubacterial RecA proteins place the ATPase site at the protomeric interface. To test the relevance of this feature, we mutated(More)
Studies of bacteriophage Mu transposition paved the way for understanding retroviral integration and V(D)J recombination as well as many other DNA transposition reactions. Here we report the structure of Mu transposase (MuA) in complex with bacteriophage DNA ends and target DNA, determined from data that extend anisotropically to 5.2/5.2/3.7Å resolution, in(More)
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