Ying Ying Ye

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Visibly Pushdown Languages (VPLs), recognized by Visibly Pushdown Automata (VPAs), are a nicely behaved family of contextfree languages. It has been shown that VPAs are equivalent to Extended Document Type Definitions (EDTDs), and thus, they provide means for elegantly solving various problems on XML. Especially, it has been shown that VPAs are the apt(More)
Hybridization experiments were conducted by forced mating between Anopheles minimus from Guangxi (G) and Yunnan (Y). F1 hybrid females were all fertile with normally developed ovaries. (Y female x G male) F1 males were all sterile, with abnormally enlarged testes. (G female x Y male) F1 males, though fertile, showed somewhat atrophic testes, and when they(More)
The clam Macridiscus multifarius with a planktonic larval stage of about 10 days is an ecologically and economically important species in the coastal regions of China. In this study, 3 mt-DNA markers (COI, 12S rRNA, and ND1) were used to investigate the population structure and demography of wild M. multifarius populations in 3 coastal localities of the(More)
The ovarian nurse cell's polytene chromosomes of An. minimus exist as 5 arms, the telocentric X chromosome, the submetacentric chromosome 2 and the metacentric chromosome 3. The X chromosome is easily recognized by its length and shuttle-shaped zone 6. The most important characteristics is that each autosome arm has one to three big puffs. Among the 46(More)
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