Ying-Ying Shen

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The arrangement graph An;k is not only a generalization of star graph (nÿ k ˆ 1), but also more ̄exible. In this investigation, we elucidate the problem of embedding of multiple spanning trees in an arrangement graph with the objective of congestion-free. This result is to report how to exploit 2…nÿ k† edge disjoint spanning trees in an arrangement graph,(More)
Herein we developed a new "smart" Gd-based MR contrast agent (i.e., 1) which is susceptive to furin, a protease overexpressed in tumor. Under the action of furin, 1 condenses to form dimers (1-Ds) and the latter self-assemble into gadolinium nanparticles (Gd-NPs). Relaxivity of 1-D is more than 2 folds of those of 1 and magnevist at 1.5 T, and 1.4 folds of(More)
Rapid determination of biomass feedstock properties is of value for the production of biomass densification briquetting fuel with high quality. In the present study, visible and near-infrared (Vis-NIR) spectroscopy was employed to build prediction models of componential contents, i. e. moisture, ash, volatile matter and fixed-carbon, and calorific value of(More)
An effective catalytic system that imparts high enantioselectivity has been disclosed for the synthesis of optically active alcohols, which may undergo further chemical transformations. The enantioselective alkylation of aldehydes with dialkylzincs to afford the corresponding optically active alcohols with excellent enantioselectvities has been achieved in(More)
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