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We argue that recent neutron scattering measurements by Lake et al. [Science 291, 1759 (2001)] of the spin excitation spectrum of La(2-delta)Sr(delta)CuO4 in a magnetic field can be understood in terms of proximity to a phase with co-existing superconductivity and spin density wave order. We present a general theory for such quantum transitions, and argue(More)
The magnetic moment induced on Rh atoms, forming 1.6 nm average diameter clusters, embedded in an Al(2)O(3) matrix, has been determined using x-ray magnetic circular dichroism measurements. The magnetic moment varies linearly with the applied magnetic field. At 2.3 K and under 17 T, the spin magnetic moment amounts to 0.067(2) μ(B)/Rh atom. The orbital(More)
The optical properties of metallic spherical nanoparticles embedded in host liquid matrix are studied. Extended Maxwell-Garnett-Mie formulation which accounts for size dispersion, the intrinsic confinement, and extrinsic size effect, is proposed for the calculation of the effective dielectric function and absorption coefficient of size dispersion of(More)
Macroscopic parameters as well as precise information on the random force characterizing the Langevin-type description of the nuclear fusion process around the Coulomb barrier are extracted from the microscopic dynamics of individual nucleons by exploiting the numerical simulation of the improved quantum molecular dynamics. It turns out that the dissipation(More)
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