Ying Xue Zhong

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This research examines two multimedia secondary EFL classrooms to identify what changes, pedagogical or otherwise, have taken place in technologically integrated classroom practice. The research analyses data generated from a range of sources: classroom observations, videotapes and teacher’s lesson plans. It is argued that substantial pedagogical(More)
In directed diffusion a sensor node finds the next hop node from its neighbor nodes randomly in proportion to the gradients being created during interest diffusion. However, some alternative paths may contain redundant nodes, leading to energy waste. This paper proposes a simple approach to reinforce the path without redundant node. A node always selects(More)
Sight reading is a functional skill which is essential for all musicians involved in particular fields of classical music culture. Reviewing the achievements from empirical science, this article investigates Visual Spatial Sketchpad (an essential part of working memory) during the process of sightreading, and tries to decipher its mechanism by categorizing(More)
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