Ying Xiao Zhu

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OBJECTIVE Many studies have examined the relationships between body composition and bone mineral density (BMD), but little attention has been given to how these relationships vary by age and sex. The aim of this study was to investigate the distributions of lean mass (LM), fat mass (FM), and BMD and the correlation between body composition and BMD in(More)
Theophylline pulsatile release tablets consisting of a fast-swelling core with a water-insoluble ethylcellulose were developed. Effects of coating material, the amount of the plasticizer, subcoating, the type of the disintegrant, and coating level on the release profiles were investigated. Results showed that ethylcellulose was the best candidate polymer(More)
Hydrogels evolved as an outstanding carrier material for local and controlled drug delivery that tend to the shortcomings of old conventional dosage forms for small drugs (NSAIDS) and large peptides and proteins. Aqueous swellable and crosslinked polymeric network structure of hydrogels is composed of various natural, synthetic and semisynthetic(More)
We have previously cloned the human Na+/H+ exchanger NHE2 gene and its promoter region. In the present study, the regulatory elements responsible for the constitutive expression of NHE2 were studied. Transient transfection assays revealed that the -40/+150 promoter region contains the core promoter responsible for the optimal promoter activity. A smaller(More)
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