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The assembly of signaling molecules surrounding the integrin family of adhesion receptors remains poorly understood. Recently, the membrane protein caveolin was found in complexes with beta1 integrins. Caveolin binds cholesterol and several signaling molecules potentially linked to integrin function, e.g., Src family kinases, although caveolin has not been(More)
Estimation of reference growth curves for children's height and weight has traditionally relied on normal theory to construct families of quantile curves based on samples from the reference population. Age-specific parametric transformation has been used to significantly broaden the applicability of these normal theory methods. Non-parametric quantile(More)
In this paper, we discuss some practical computational issues for quantile regression. We consider the computation from two aspects: estimation and inference. For estimation, we cover three algorithms: simplex, interior point, and smoothing. We describe and compare these algorithms, then discuss implementation of some computing techniques, which include(More)
First of all, we would like to thank all the discussants for their encouragement of and insightful comments on our work. We are especially appreciative of their unique perspectives brought to the topic of conditional growth charts. The discussants raised a number of interesting questions from statistical as well as clinical points of view, some of which are(More)
he integrin ␣ 3 ␤ 1 mediates cellular adhesion to the matrix ligand laminin-5. A second integrin ligand, the urokinase receptor (uPAR), associates with ␣ 3 ␤ 1 via a surface loop within the ␣ 3 ␤-propeller (residues 242– 246) but outside the laminin binding region, suggesting that uPAR–integrin interactions could signal differently from matrix engagement.(More)
In the light of the recent oversupply of public housing flats in Singapore, this paper examines buyers' preference for public housing options in Singapore, namely, new flats in new estates, new flats in mature estates and resale flats in mature estates. By looking at the buyers' perspectives, the results indicate four factors, namely, physical, amenities,(More)
rokinase-type plasminogen activator receptors (uPARs), up-regulated during tumor progression, associate with ␤ 1 integrins, localizing urokinase to sites of cell attachment. Binding of uPAR to the ␤-propeller of ␣ 3 ␤ 1 empowers vitronectin adhesion by this integrin. How uPAR modifies other ␤ 1 integrins remains unknown. Using recombinant proteins, we found(More)