Ying-Wei Tan

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Speech production knowledge has been used to enhance the phonetic representation and the performance of automatic speech recognition (ASR) systems successfully. Representations of speech production make simple explanations for many phenomena observed in speech. These phenomena can not be easily analyzed from either acoustic signal or phonetic transcription(More)
The decision function of support vector machine (SVM) using the likelihood ratios (LRs) is successfully used for statistical model-based voice activity detection (VAD). It is known to incorporate an optimised nonlinear decision over two different classes, instead of comparing the geometric mean of the LRs for the individual frequency bands with a given(More)
Power-normalized features have been shown to improve the performance of English large vocabulary continuous speech recognition under different acoustic conditions. In this paper, considering tone characteristics of Mandarin speech, we adopt different strategies to deal with different sounds based on a voiced-unvoiced-silence decision of sounds. For voiced(More)
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