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This paper presents an adaptive fusion method used in heterogeneous sensor networks, which consist of infrared sensors and visible sensors. A fuzzy system is applied to classify the imaging illumination conditions. We select three image quality evaluation parameters as the inputs of the fuzzy system, and the system's output will determine the fusion weights(More)
Herein we report for the first time fabrication of reverse bumpy ball (RBB)-type-nanoreactor-based flexible peroxidase-mimic membrane reactors (MRs). The RBB-type nanoreactors with gold nanoparticles embedded in the inner walls of carbon shells were loaded on nylon membranes through a facile filtration approach. The as-prepared flexible catalytic membrane(More)
This paper presents an approach of dual-band imagery based on heterogeneous sensor network which consists of infrared and optical sensors, and our approach of imaging reconstructs the three-dimensional shapes of the objects in some special environments such as smog, darkness, glare and so forth. Two dichroic mirrors are used for the construction of the(More)
Oysters are economically and ecologically important bivalves, with its calcareous shell and delicious meat. The shell composition is a blend of inorganic crystals and shell proteins that form an organic matrix which protects the soft inner tissue of the oyster. The objective of the study was to compare the composition of organic matrix proteins (OMP) of two(More)
This paper proposes a novel acoustic echo suppression (AES) algorithm based on speech presence probability in a frequency domain. Double talk detection algorithm based on two cross-correlation coefficients modeled by Beta distribution controls the update of echo path response to improve the quality of near-end speech. The near-end speech presence(More)