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Glioma is the most common malignant disease in the brain, and recurrence is the main cause of death from this disease. Tumor recurrence involves multiple steps, and requires the accumulation of the altered expression of many different proteins. Identification of the recurrence associated protein profile in glioma cell lines will be helpful in clarifying the(More)
Eubacterium limosum ZL-II was described to convert secoisolariciresinol (SECO) to its demethylating product 4,4′-dihydroxyenterodiol (DHEND) under anoxic conditions. However, the reaction cascade remains unclear. Here, the O-demethylase being responsible for the conversion was identified and characterized. Nine genes encoding two methyltransferase-Is(More)
The quantum entanglement between two qubits is crucial for applications in the quantum communication. After the entanglement of photons was experimentally realized, much effort has been taken to exploit the entangled electrons in solid-state systems. Here, we propose a Cooper-pair splitter, which can generate spatially-separated but entangled electrons, in(More)
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