Ying-Shian Wu

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Music mood estimation (MME) is a key technology in mood-based music recommendation. While mainstream MME research nowadays relies on audio music analysis, exploring the significance of lyrics text in predicting song emotion is gaining attention in recent years. One major impediment to MME research is the lack of a clearly labeled and publicly available(More)
Octadecanal (18:Ald), (E)-11-octadecenal (E11–18:Ald), (E)-14-octadecenal (E14–18:Ald) and (E,E)-11,14-octadecadienal (E11,E14–18:Ald) were isolated and identified as major components from the pheromone glands of the tea cluster caterpillar,Andraca bipunctata, in Taiwan by analyzing the mass spectra of gland components and their DMDS adducts. GC retention(More)
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