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Ferrogels are low stiffness polymer materials with embedded magnetic powder filler, giving them the capability to strain in a magnetic field. The large strains, high energy densities and fast responses that have been reported make these materials attractive for actuator applications; however, a full understanding of the dynamic behavior is lacking. This(More)
Master equation is used in the paper under the condition of dissociation rate to study the directed motion of molecular motor. The drift velocity, the diffusion constant, the dwell time and the mean length of the motor are calculated. We found the dissociation rate affects the directed motion of the molecular motor.
Force generation and directed motion of molecular motors using a simple two-state model are studied in the paper. Here we consider the asymmetric and periodic potential in the model. The symmetric and periodic potential is adopted to describe the interactions between motor proteins and filaments that are periodic and polar. The flux and the slope of the(More)
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