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We present an algorithm for synthesizing textures from an input sample. This patch-based sampling algorithm is fast and it makes high-quality texture synthesis a real-time process. For generating textures of the same size and comparable quality, patch-based sampling is orders of magnitude faster than existing algorithms. The patch-based sampling algorithm(More)
Harmonic colors are sets of colors that are aesthetically pleasing in terms of human visual perception. In this paper, we present a method that enhances the harmony among the colors of a given photograph or of a general image, while remaining faithful, as much as possible, to the original colors. Given a color image, our method finds the best harmonic(More)
We describe a system for transforming an input video into a highly abstracted, spatio-temporally coherent cartoon animation with a range of styles. To achieve this, we treat video as a space-time volume of image data. We have developed an anisotropic kernel mean shift technique to segment the video data into contiguous volumes. These provide a simple(More)
In this paper, an integrated approach for modeling, learning and synthesizing personal cursive handwriting is proposed. Cursive handwriting is modeled by a tri-unit handwriting model, which focuses on both the handwritten letters and the interconnection strokes of adjacent letters. Handwriting strokes are formed from generative models that are based on(More)
In this paper, we describe a new system for converting a user's freehand sketch of a tree into a full 3D model that is both complex and realistic-looking. Our system does this by probabilistic optimization based on parameters obtained from a database of tree models. The best matching model is selected by comparing its 2D projections with the sketch. Branch(More)
Creating a portrait in the style of a particular artistic tradition or a particular artist is a difficult problem. Elusive to codify algorithmically, the nebulous qualities which combine to form artwork are often well captured using example-based approaches. These methods place the artist in the process, often during system training, in the hope that their(More)
Mean shift is a nonparametric estimator of density which has been applied to image and video segmentation. Traditional mean shift based segmentation uses a radially symmetric kernel to estimate local density, which is not optimal in view of the often structured nature of image and more particularly video data. In this paper we present an anisotropic kernel(More)
In this paper, we present an example-based facial sketch system. Our system automatically generates a sketch from an input image, by learning from example sketches drawn with a particular style by an artist. There are two key elements in our system: a non-parametric sampling method and a flexible sketch model. Given an input image pixel and its(More)
The paper describes an experimental study on the detection of emotion from speech. As computer based characters such as avatars and virtual chat faces become more common, the use of emotion to drive the expression of the virtual characters become more important. The study utilizes a corpus containing emotional speech with 721 short utterances expressing(More)