Ying Qin

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The aim of the present experiments was to clarify the subunit stoichiometry of P2X2/3 and P2X2/6 receptors, where the same subunit (P2X2) forms a receptor with two different partners (P2X3 or P2X6). For this purpose, four non-functional Ala mutants of the P2X2, P2X3, and P2X6 subunits were generated by replacing single, homologous amino acids particularly(More)
It is a hotly researching topic to eliminate irrelevant variables from counterexample, to make it easier to be understood. K Ravi proposes a two-stages counterexample minimization algorithm. This algorithm is the most effective one among all existing approaches, but time overhead of its second stage(called BFL) is very large due to one call to SAT solver(More)
MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are small non-coding RNAs that can posttranscriptionally regulate gene expression by targeting messenger RNAs. During miRNA biogenesis, the star strand (miRNA*) is generally degraded to a low level in the cells. However, certain miRNA* express abundantly and can be recruited into the silencing complex to regulate gene expression. Most(More)
BACKGROUND Monocyte recruited into the tumor and maturation to tumor-associated macrophage (TAM). Interleukin-10(IL-10) is a potent immunosuppressive cytokine, which can be secreted from both primary tumor and stromal cells. However, there are controversies regarding its role in the progression of cancer. So it is important to isolate TAM from tumor cells(More)
BACKGROUND Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), which is characterized by hepatic steatosis, can be reversed by early treatment. Several case reports have indicated that the administration of recombinant growth hormone (GH) could improve fatty liver in GH-deficient patients. Here, we investigated whether chronic exogenous GH levels could improve(More)
One of the most difficult jobs in designing communication and multimedia chips, is to design and verify complex complementary circuit pair (<i>E, E</i><sup>-1</sup>), in which circuit <i>E</i> transforms information into a format that is suitable for transmission and storage, while <i>E</i>'s complementary circuit <i>E</i><sup>-1</sup> recovers this(More)
To explore the rules of knowledge transfer and application activities in knowledge space, defined at both temporal and spatial scales, the present study employs a unique dataset of Chinese patent licensing during the period of 2000–2012, with a total of 91,551 patents. Our results indicate that 70 % of patents were licensed out in the first 3 years. As time(More)
It is a hot research topic to eliminate irrelevant variables from counterexample, to make it easier to be understood. The BFL algorithm is the most effective counterexample minimization algorithm compared to all other approaches. But its time overhead is very large due to one call to SAT solver for each candidate variable to be eliminated. The key to reduce(More)
A well-designed fitness function is essential to the effectiveness and efficiency of evolutionary testing. Fitness function design has been researched extensively. For fitness calculation, so far the switchcase construct has been regarded as a nested if-else structure with respect to the control flow. Given a target embraced in a <i>case</i> branch, test(More)
The subconscious influence of framing on perceptions of political issues is well-document in political science and communication research. A related line of work suggests that drawing attention to framing may help reduce such framing effects by enabling frame reflection , critical examination of the framing underlying an issue. However, definite guidance on(More)