Ying Ouyang

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In wireless sensor networks data, which get generated, is not always same; some data may be more important than others and having different priorities. As deployment sizes and data rates grow, congestion becomes a major problem in these networks. The congestion results in arbitrary dropping of data packets that reduce the overall network throughput. In this(More)
Water is a critical resource of the Southern United States and is intimately linked to other ecosystem and societal values. The South is known for its warm climate, rich water resources (Figure 9.1), and large acreage of forest lands that provide an ideal place for people to live. Indeed, water availability is central to sustaining an economy that relies on(More)
In this study, the enzyme activities and their relationships to domestic wastewater purification are investigated in four different types of subsurface-flow constructed wetlands (CWs), namely the traditional horizontal subsurface-flow, horizontal baffled subsurface-flow, vertical baffled subsurface-flow, and composite baffled subsurface-flow CWs. Results(More)
a pervasive toxic pollutant. This study investigated the dynamic loads of Hg from the Cedar–Ortega Rivers watershed into the Lower St. Johns River (LSJR), Florida, USA, using the better assessment science integrating point and nonpoint sources (BASINS)-hydrologic simulation program—FORTRAN (HSPF) model. Materials and methods The site-specific BASINS-HSPF(More)
ii NOTICE The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency through its Office of Research and Development partially funded and collaborated in the research described here as indicated through the authors' affiliations. Additional support for this project was provided by the Office of Radiation and Indoor Air (ORIA) of the Office of Air and Radiation in(More)
accomplished by manually collecting samples for laboratory analysis, which requires at least 24 h. In other words, no effort has been devoted to monitoring real-time variations of DOC in a river due to the lack of suitable and/or cost-effective wireless sensors. However , when considering human health, carbon footprints, effects of urbanization, industry,(More)