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The interactions between proteins, DNA, and RNA in living cells constitute molecular networks that govern various cellular functions. To investigate the global dynamical properties and stabilities of such networks, we studied the cell-cycle regulatory network of the budding yeast. With the use of a simple dynamical model, it was demonstrated that the(More)
Information technology is generally considered an enabler of a firm’s agility. A typical premise is that greater IT investment enables a firm to be more agile. However, it is not uncommon that IT can also hinder and sometimes even impede organizational agility. We propose and theorize this frequently observed but understudied IT–agility contradiction by(More)
Magnetic resonance diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) enables the discrimination of white matter pathways before myelination is evident histologically or on conventional MRI. In this investigation, 14 premature neonates with no evidence of white matter abnormalities by conventional MRI were studied with DTI. A custom MR-compatible incubator with a novel high(More)
UNLABELLED We measured cortical and trabecular bone loss using QCT of the spine and hip in 14 crewmembers making 4- to 6-month flights on the International Space Station. There was no compartment-specific loss of bone in the spine. Cortical bone mineral loss in the hip occurred primarily by endocortical thinning. INTRODUCTION In an earlier study, areal(More)
Rice is the principal food for over half of the population of the world. With its genome size of 430 megabase pairs (Mb), the cultivated rice species Oryza sativa is a model plant for genome research. Here we report the sequence analysis of chromosome 4 of O. sativa, one of the first two rice chromosomes to be sequenced completely. The finished sequence(More)
Frequent itemset mining has been studied extensively in literature. Most previous studies require the specification of a min/spl I.bar/support threshold and aim at mining a complete set of frequent itemsets satisfying min/spl I.bar/support. However, in practice, it is difficult for users to provide an appropriate min/spl I.bar/support threshold. In(More)
In this paper, we propose a new mining task: mining top-k frequent closed patterns of length no less than min `, where k is the desired number of frequent closed patterns to be mined, and min ` is the minimal length of each pattern. An efficient algorithm, called TFP, is developed for mining such patterns without minimum support. Two methods, closed node(More)
Bamboo represents the only major lineage of grasses that is native to forests and is one of the most important non-timber forest products in the world. However, no species in the Bambusoideae subfamily has been sequenced. Here, we report a high-quality draft genome sequence of moso bamboo (P. heterocycla var. pubescens). The 2.05-Gb assembly covers 95% of(More)
1 Currently at Propel, 2350 Mission College Blvd., Santa Clara, CA 95054. 2 Work done while the author was visiting the IBM Almaden Research Center from INRIA, Le Chesnay, France. 3 Work done while the author was visiting the IBM Almaden Research Center from the University of Washington, Seattle, WA 98155 4 Work done while the author was visiting the IBM(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Abnormalities on diffusion-weighted images (DWIs) and fluid-attenuated inversion recovery (FLAIR) images are reported in Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD). To our knowledge, no large study has been conducted to determine the sensitivity and specificity of DWI and FLAIR imaging for diagnosing CJD. METHODS Two neuroradiologists, blinded(More)