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The direct electron transfer of glucose oxidase and glucose biosensor based on carbon nanotubes/chitosan matrix.
The glucose oxidase (GOD) is entrapped in the composite of carbon nanotubes/chitosan and direct electron transfer reaction between GOD and electrode takes place. The electron transfer rate of GOD isExpand
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Juvenile hormone counteracts the bHLH-PAS transcription factors MET and GCE to prevent caspase-dependent programmed cell death in Drosophila
Juvenile hormone (JH) regulates many developmental and physiological events in insects, but its molecular mechanism remains conjectural. Here we report that genetic ablation of the corpus allatumExpand
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Algoriphagus aquatilis sp. nov., isolated from a freshwater lake.
  • Ying Liu, H. Li, +4 authors Z. Liu
  • Biology, Medicine
  • International journal of systematic and…
  • 1 July 2009
A Gram-negative, non-spore-forming, non-motile bacterium, strain A8-7(T), was isolated from fresh water of a slightly alkaline lake, Longhu Lake, in Daqing, north-east China, and its taxonomicExpand
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Facile preparation of amperometric laccase biosensor with multifunction based on the matrix of carbon nanotubes-chitosan composite.
The carbon nanotubes-chitosan (CNTs-CS) composite provides a suitable biosensing matrix due to its good conductivity, high stability, and good biocompatibility. Enzymes can be firmly incorporatedExpand
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Dongia mobilis gen. nov., sp. nov., a new member of the family Rhodospirillaceae isolated from a sequencing batch reactor for treatment of malachite green effluent.
A Gram-negative, strictly aerobic and heterotrophic, non-spore-forming bacterial strain, designated LM22(T), was isolated from activated sludge of a sequencing batch reactor for the treatment ofExpand
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Rheinheimera longhuensis sp. nov., isolated from a slightly alkaline lake, and emended description of genus Rheinheimera Brettar et al. 2002.
The bacterial strain LH2-2(T) was isolated from freshwater of Longhu Lake, a slightly alkaline lake (pH 8.8) in north-east China. Cells of strain LH2-2(T) were Gram-staining-negative,Expand
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Strong coronal channelling and interplanetary evolution of a solar storm up to Earth and Mars
The severe geomagnetic effects of solar storms or coronal mass ejections (CMEs) are to a large degree determined by their propagation direction with respect to Earth. There is a lack of understandingExpand
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Marinobacter strain NNA5, a newly isolated and highly efficient aerobic denitrifier with zero N2O emission.
An efficient aerobic denitrification bacterium, strain NNA5, was isolated and identified as Marinobacter sp. NNA5. NNA5 did not perform heterotrophic nitrification. GC/IRMS analysis revealed thatExpand
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Nanocarriers for the delivery of active ingredients and fractions extracted from natural products used in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).
Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has been practiced for thousands of years with a recent increase in popularity. Despite promising biological activities of active ingredients and fractions fromExpand
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