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Molecular approaches to understanding the functional circuitry of the nervous system promise new insights into the relationship between genes, brain and behaviour. The cellular diversity of the brain necessitates a cellular resolution approach towards understanding the functional genomics of the nervous system. We describe here an anatomically comprehensive(More)
Over the last decade, the introduction of microarray technology has had a profound impact on gene expression research. The publication of studies with dissimilar or altogether contradictory results, obtained using different microarray platforms to analyze identical RNA samples, has raised concerns about the reliability of this technology. The MicroArray(More)
Traditional association rules mining cannot meet the demands arising from some real applications. By considering the different values of individual items as utilities, utility mining focuses on identifying the itemsets with high utilities. In this paper, we present a Two-Phase algorithm to efficiently prune down the number of candidates and precisely obtain(More)
IDH1 and IDH2 mutations occur frequently in gliomas and acute myeloid leukemia, leading to simultaneous loss and gain of activities in the production of α-ketoglutarate (α-KG) and 2-hydroxyglutarate (2-HG), respectively. Here we demonstrate that 2-HG is a competitive inhibitor of multiple α-KG-dependent dioxygenases, including histone demethylases and the(More)
In order to improve the retrieval accuracy of content-based image retrieval systems, research focus has been shifted from designing sophisticated low-level feature extraction algorithms to reducing the 'semantic gap' between the visual features and the richness of human semantics. This paper attempts to provide a comprehensive survey of the recent technical(More)
We describe factored spectrally transformed linear mixed models (FaST-LMM), an algorithm for genome-wide association studies (GWAS) that scales linearly with cohort size in both run time and memory use. On Wellcome Trust data for 15,000 individuals, FaST-LMM ran an order of magnitude faster than current efficient algorithms. Our algorithm can analyze data(More)
In order to accumulate the foundational information about the nutrients related to 7 species of desert plants, chemical and instrumental methods for determination were used and quantitative results were obtained as follows (%, in dry mass): calcium 0.73-3.89, phosphorus 0.043-0.34, selenium 0.026-2.8, protein 3.38-13.92, lipid 3.97-15.03, total sugar(More)
The human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) Tat protein is a key pathogenic factor in a variety of acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS)-associated disorders. A number of studies have documented the neurotoxic property of Tat protein, and Tat has therefore been proposed to contribute to AIDS-associated neurological diseases. Nevertheless, the bulk(More)
The authors examine the implications of research on Chinese for theories of reading and propose the lexical constituency model as a general framework for word reading across writing systems. Word identities are defined by 3 interlinked constituents (orthographic, phonological, and semantic). The implemented model simulates the time course of graphic,(More)