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We provide an analysis to the performance of Optical Orthogonal Codes(OOC) in an Optical Code Division Multiple Access(CDMA) network by considering the probability distribution of the interference patterns. We show that the actual performance is close to a previous estimate. We also consider a less structured temporal code in which the code words are(More)
In this demo, we present the Microsoft Complex Event Processing (CEP) Server, Microsoft CEP for short. Microsoft CEP is an event stream processing system featured by its declarative query language and its multiple consistency levels of stream query processing. Query composability, query fusing, and operator sharing are key features in the Microsoft CEP(More)
Understanding goals and preferences behind a user's online activities can greatly help information providers, such as search engine and E-Commerce web sites, to personalize contents and thus improve user satisfaction. Understanding a user's intention could also provide other business advantages to information providers. For example, information providers(More)
Using cell-based aptamer selection, we have developed a strategy to use the differences at the molecular level between any two types of cells for the identification of molecular signatures on the surface of targeted cells. A group of aptamers have been generated for the specific recognition of leukemia cells. The selected aptamers can bind to target cells(More)
The KDD-Cup 2005 Competition was held in conjunction with the Eleventh ACM SIGKDD International Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining. The task of the KDD-Cup 2005 competition was to classify 800,000 internet user search queries into 67 predefined categories. This task is easy to understand, but the lack of straightforward training set,(More)
Running multiple virtual networks, customized for different performance objectives, is a promising way to support diverse applications over a shared substrate. Despite being simple, a static division of resources between virtual networks can be highly inefficient, while dynamic resource allocation runs the risk of instability. This paper uses optimization(More)
Hadoop is widely adopted to support data intensive distributed applications. Many of them are mission critical and require inherent high availability of Hadoop. Unfortunately, Hadoop has no high availability support yet, and it is not trivial to enhance Hadoop. Based on thorough investigation of Hadoop, this paper proposes a metadata replication based(More)
We develop a new tractable model for K-tier heterogeneous cellular networks (HetNets), where each base station (BS) is powered solely by a self-contained energy harvesting module. The BSs across tiers differ in terms of the energy harvesting rate, energy storage capacity, transmit power and deployment density. Since a BS may not always have enough energy,(More)
Necrotrophic pathogens are important plant pathogens that cause many devastating plant diseases. Despite their impact, our understanding of the plant defense response to necrotrophic pathogens is limited. The WRKY33 transcription factor is important for plant resistance to necrotrophic pathogens; therefore, elucidation of its functions will enhance our(More)
Predicting the Quality of Service (QoS) values is important since they are widely applied to Service-Oriented Computing (SOC) research domain. Previous research works on this problem do not consider the influence of user location information carefully, which we argue would contribute to improving prediction accuracy due to the nature of Web services(More)