Ying Jun Zhang

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Achieving weighted throughput maximization (WTM) through power control has been a long standing open problem in interference-limited wireless networks. The complicated coupling between the mutual interferences of links gives rise to a non-convex optimization problem. Previous work has considered the WTM problem in the high signal to interference-and-noise(More)
The conventional MAC (Medium Access Control) protocols assume that only one packet can be received at a given time. However, with the advent of sophisticated signal processing and antenna array techniques, it is possible to achieve multipacket reception (MPR) in the physical layer (PHY). In this paper, we propose a PHY methodology and the corresponding MAC(More)
Fast adaptive transmission has been recently identified as a key technology for exploiting potential system diversity and improving power-spectral efficiency in wireless communication systems. In this paper, an adaptive resource-allocation approach, which jointly adapts subcarrier allocation, power distribution, and bit distribution according to(More)
Optimization has been widely used in recent design of communication and networking systems. One major hurdle in this endeavor lies in the nonconvexity of many optimization problems that arise from practical systems. To address this issue, we observe that most nonconvex problems encountered in communication and networking systems exhibit monotonicity or(More)
Adaptive orthogonal frequency division multiple access (OFDMA) has recently been recognized as a promising technique for providing high spectral efficiency in future broadband wireless systems. The research over the last decade on adaptive OFDMA systems has focused on adapting the allocation of radio resources, such as subcarriers and power, to the(More)
In wireless location-aware networks, mobile nodes (agents) typically obtain their positions using the range measurements to the nodes with known positions. Transmit power allocation not only affects network lifetime and throughput, but also determines localization accuracy. In this paper, we present an optimization framework for robust power allocation in(More)
The explosive growth of high-data-rate and multimedia real-time applications imposes new challenges on the design of future wireless communications systems. In this paper, a cross MAC-PHY layer link-adaptive largest-weighted-throughput packet scheduling algorithm is proposed to provide QoS guarantees to real-time traffics over wireless packet-switched(More)