Ying-Juan Ma

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We present a conservative second order accurate finite volume discretization of the magnetohydrodynamics equations including the Hall term. The scheme is generalized to three dimensional block adaptive grids with Cartesian or generalized coordinates. The second order accurate discretization of the Hall term at grid resolution changes is descri-ibed in(More)
Prior to the arrival of the Mars Atmosphere and Volatile EvolutioN (MAVEN) spacecraft at Mars, the only available measurements of the composition of the planet's ionosphere were those acquired by the two Viking Landers during their atmospheric entries. Many numerical models of the composition of the ionosphere of Mars have been developed, but these have(More)
Mars is typically viewed as a member of the category of weakly magnetized planets, with a largely induced magnetosphere and magnetotail produced by the draped fields of the solar wind interaction. However, selected MAVEN suprathermal electron and magnetic field observations in the near wake, sampled along its elliptical orbit during the early prime mission(More)
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