Ying “Jenny” Zhang

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In the present article, we explore whether people's mental representation of progress level can function as a self-regulation mechanism that helps motivate continued effort in the pursuit. We propose that when individuals have just started pursuing a goal and have accumulated only limited progress, they exaggerate the achieved progress level in their mental(More)
This study examines annual earnings announcements for Chinese A-shares, a market dominated by retail investors where short selling is prohibited. We document a significant tendency for A-share prices to increase on the days, both, before and after the earnings announcement date. In contrast, we find a significant tendency for A-share prices to decline on(More)
Individuals have different concerns before and after they become relatively certain about a goal's attainability; hence, we propose that the presence of alternative means of goal attainment will have a distinctive impact on motivation, depending on their stage of goal pursuit. In the initial stage of goal pursuit, people are concerned about whether the goal(More)
This paper focus on how the logistic industries especially which dealing with e-Commerce match another approaching trend of e-Commerce. This paper suggest the concept e-Commerce Logistics which integrates logistic services and e-Commerce application services based on the integration theories and studied the developing trend of international logistic(More)
In China, more and more companies are constructing internal control system as Enterprise Internal Control Basic Standard (EICBS) was released last year. Based on the data obtained in a survey, we firstly examine the quality of internal control in china companies. Secondly we examine how and to what extent the firm-specific characteristics determine the(More)
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