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The objective of this study was to assess whether preoperative breast magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) combined with conventional breast imaging techniques decreases the rates of margin involvement and reexcision.Data on patients who underwent surgery for primary operable breast cancer were obtained from the Changhua Christian Hospital (CCH) breast cancer(More)
Vehicular networks provide Internet services for car drivers. Multiple radio access technologies are usually used in existent mobile devices and are expected in the next generation wireless networks. A vehicle equips with one cognitive radio interface or WiFi interface can communicate with neighbor vehicles or base stations. It is critical for electrical(More)
Radio channel reservation is used to alleviate call dropping which may occur in two situations: (i) hand-off between cells in cellular networks, and (ii) channel withdrawal in wireless networks with spectrum leasing. In this article, we study a radio resource reservation scheme for heterogeneous traffic in a cellular network with spectrum leasing, in which(More)
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