Ying-Jen Chen

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PURPOSE To compare the effectiveness of sonographically guided and palpation-guided steroid injection for the treatment of proximal plantar fasciitis. PATIENTS AND METHODS Twenty-five consecutive patients with unilateral proximal plantar fasciitis were recruited and randomly divided into a sonographically guided group (n = 12) and palpation-guided group(More)
This paper proposes the minimum-type piecewise-Lyapunov-function-based switching fuzzy controller that switches accompanying the piecewise Lyapunov function. By applying this switching fuzzy controller with the minimum-type piecewise Lyapunov function, the relaxed stabilization criterion is obtained for continuous Takagi-Sugeno (T-S) fuzzy systems. Some(More)
This study considers a practical overhead crane control problem of designing a fuzzy control to ensure that the trolley arrives precisely at its destination; the load swing angle approaches to zero, and the energy of input and states is minimized. Furthermore, the constraints for the overhead crane operation are also considered and satisfied. Those(More)
This paper presents the stability analysis for polynomial fuzzy systems by utilizing the equality constraints of sum-of-squares (SOS) Program. Recently, T-S fuzzy systems have been extended to polynomial fuzzy systems, in which the consequent parts could be polynomial sub-systems. Moreover, stability and stabilization analyses for polynomial fuzzy systems(More)
This work presents superb chip-level reliability of a BE-SONOS charge trapping NAND fabricated in both 75nm and 38nm half-pitches. Without any error correction (ECC) >100K P/E cycling endurance for SLC and >3K endurance for MLC are obtained using a novel non-cut SiN trapping layer. Key process integration strategies are discussed, including(More)
Although the link between impaired lung function and cardiovascular events and type 2 diabetes mellitus has been recognized, the association between impaired lung function and metabolic syndrome has not been comprehensively assessed in the United States (U.S.) population. The aim of our study was to explore the association between impaired lung function and(More)
This study investigates H∞ finite-time synchronization (HFTS) problems for a general class of chaotic systems with external disturbances. The HFTS includes two control objectives; one is the finite-time synchronization and the other is the H∞ minimization. Here, the finite-time synchronization means the finite-time stabilization of the error system between(More)
This paper presents a sum of squares (SOS, for brevity) approach to polynomial fuzzy observer design for polynomial fuzzy systems. First, we briefly summarize previous results with respect to a polynomial fuzzy system and controller that are more general representation of the well-known Takagi-Sugeno (T-S) fuzzy system and controller, respectively.(More)
As semiconductor manufacturing reaching nanotechnology, to obtain high resolution and alignment accuracy via minimizing overlay errors within the tolerance is crucial. To address the needs of changing production and process conditions, this study aims to propose a novel dynamically adjusted proportional-integral (DAPI) run-to-run (R2R) controller to adapt(More)
This paper presents a new sum-of-squares (SOS, for brevity) design framework for robust control of polynomial fuzzy systems with uncertainties. Two kinds of robust stabilization conditions are derived in terms of SOS. One is global SOS robust stabilization conditions that guarantee the global and asymptotical stability of polynomial fuzzy control systems.(More)