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The receiver operating characteristic (ROC) curve has been a popular statistical tool for characterizing the discriminating power of a classifier, such as a biomarker or an imaging modality for disease screening or diagnosis. It has been recognized that the accuracy of a given procedure may depend on some underlying factors, such as subject's demographic(More)
An intelligent neural sliding controller is developed for planetary train type inverted pendulum mechanism. The control methodology is based on the sliding mode control. The switching function in the normal control law is replaced with a bipolar sigmoid function. A fuzzy neural network is used to identify the pendulum dynamics. Adaptive tuning law is(More)
This paper aims to study the steady-state response of the practical sliding mode controlled system (SMC). The nonlinearity of the switching term is approximately characterized by using its equivalent describing function. The parasitic dynamics is modeled as a first order lag transfer function, and the possible transport delay is particularly considered.(More)
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