Ying-Hui Hou

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Healthcare is experiencing a major transformation in its information technology base. Hospitals are adopting information technology (IT) to reduce costs and increase competitiveness. IT applications in healthcare are trending towards electronic patient records and even health records. Therefore, practices in nursing are also affected by IT. Many researchers(More)
Under the global shortage of Registered Nurses (RNs), some hospitals have integrated nursing assistants (NAs) into their teams to help to provide maximum quality care for acute patients, while keeping the hospital’s staff-related costs down. However, the RNs may have to shoulder an increased burden of assigning and overseeing NAs. A web-based Nursing(More)
BACKGROUND The balanced scorecard (BSC) is considered to be a useful tool for management in a variety of business environments. The purpose of this article is to utilize the experimental data produced by the incorporation and implementation of the BSC in hospitals and to investigate the effects of the BSC red light tracking warning system on performance(More)
BACKGROUND There are some studies to show that food-derived plant microRNAs (miRNAs) may be detected in mammals. The research evidence has provoked a considerable debate whether plant-derived miRNAs exert the same regulatory functions as endogenous animal miRNAs. To test the hypothesis, methods of highly sensitive absolute quantification miRNAs have been(More)
BACKGROUND Level of concealment/suppression of true feelings in the course of carrying out nursing duties relates positively to risk of emotional exhaustion and burnout. Therefore, nurses need channels to release and reduce emotional stressors. PURPOSE We surveyed nurse use of an In-Hospital Employee Communication Network (IECN) to identify its efficacy(More)
Acupuncture treatment has become increasingly popular worldwide, but it is not without risk to the patient. Most physicians in Taiwan have adopted a computerized physician order entry system for traditional Chinese medicine. Use of such a system can prevent some adverse events related to a paper-based system but increases other unexpected risks. This study(More)
BACKGROUND Diabetes mellitus management is one of the most challenging health care issues in Taiwan. To improve guideline adherence and the quality of diabetes care, the diabetes mellitus pay-for-performance (DM-P4P) program was introduced in 2001. This study examined the effects of the DM-P4P program on guideline adherence among patients with diabetes. (More)
A welfare state has a responsibility to provide health and social services to the citizenry. The state delegates that responsibility to a number of actors, each of which has its own performance management criteria. To ensure coherence, it is important to managing their performances collectively taking into consideration all the actors inputs rather than(More)
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