Ying Hsu

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Clinical studies have shown that drugs delivered intrathecally distribute much faster than can be accounted for by pure molecular diffusion. However, drug transport inside the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF)-filled spinal canal is poorly understood. In this study, comprehensive experimental and computational studies were conducted to quantify the effect of(More)
BACKGROUND Intrathecal drug delivery is an efficient method to administer therapeutic molecules to the central nervous system. However, even with identical drug dosage and administration mode, the extent of drug distribution in vivo is highly variable and difficult to control. Different cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) pulsatility from patient to patient may lead(More)
Spinal microstructures are known to substantially affect cerebrospinal fluid patterns, yet their actual impact on flow resistance has not been quantified. Because the length scale of microanatomical aspects is below medical image resolution, their effect on flow is difficult to observe experimentally. Using a computational fluid mechanics approach, we were(More)
Aquaporin-4 water channels play a central role in brain water regulation in neurological disorders. Aquaporin-4 is abundantly expressed at the astroglial endfeet facing the cerebral vasculature and the pial membrane, and both its expression level and subcellular localization significantly influence brain water transport. However, measurements of aquaporin-4(More)
SPECIATE is the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) repository of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and particulate matter (PM) speciation profiles of air pollution sources. These source profiles can be used to (1) provide input to chemical mass balance (CMB) receptor models; (2) verify profiles derived from ambient measurements by multivariate(More)
An organic-inorganic hybrid material, poly(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA)-SiO2 (SiO2 content of 72 wt%), was prepared by incorporating PMMA structure units covalently into an SiO2 glass network via the sol-gel approach. The hybrid sol-gel material PMMA-SiO2 was subsequently used as the solid powder component of bone cement and its mechanical properties were(More)
An organic-inorganic hybrid material, epoxy-SiO(2), was prepared by incorporating epoxy structure units covalently into a SiO(2) glass network via the sol-gel approach. The precursor was obtained by the reaction of diglycidyl ether of bisphenol A (DGEBA) with 3-aminopropyl trimethoxysilane (APTS). The precursor was then hydrolyzed and co-condensated with(More)
The goal of the present study is to integrate different datasets in cell biology to derive additional quantitative information about a gene or protein of interest within a single cell using computational simulations. We propose a novel prototype cell simulator as a quantitative tool to integrate datasets including dynamic information about transcript and(More)
Astrocytes are involved in many functions of the brain including water transport and moderation of neuronal synapses, and most functions require the astrocyte endfeet to be highly mobile. In the aging brain the functions in the brain start to deteriorate, decay or loss of metabolic functions may eventually cause diseases such as Parkinsons's and Alzheimer's(More)