Ying-Hong Li

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Detailed analyses of the physical parameters inherent in the microprojectile bombardment technology necessary to produce optimum transient β-glucuronidase (GUS) expression were undertaken in pollen and embryogenic tissues of white spruce. Higher helium pressure used for microprojectile bombardment resulted in lower GUS expression in pollen, but in higher(More)
A novel airplane land based ramp ski-jump takeoff method via non-dominated sorting genetic algorithm II (NSGAII) was proposed. First, mathematic model and characteristic parameters of ramp runway were analyzed. Then, dynamic models of the whole takeoff process were given. After that, various constraints and restrictions were comprehensive considered. Later(More)
Learning background statistics is an essential task for several visual surveillance applications such as incident detection and traffic management. An adaptive foreground object extraction algorithm for real-time video surveillance is presented in this paper. The proposed algorithm improves the classic Gaussian mixture background models (GMM) to remove the(More)
Carbendazim is usually used to control the Sclerotinia sclerotiorum of rapes during the flowering period. This paper presents a study on transfer assessment of carbendazim residues from rape flowers to apicultural products. In the field trials, the rapes were sprayed with carbendazim on standard dosage. Bees produced apicultural products (bee pollen, honey,(More)
This paper presents a study on the transfer and metabolism of triadimefon residues from rape flowers to apicultural products. In the field trials, honeybee colonies were placed in four rape greenhouses treated with triadimefon on standard dosage. Apicultural products (pollen, honey, and royal jelly) were collected on a regular basis. Sample preparation and(More)
In this paper, the generic intersection theory for difference varieties is presented. Precisely, the intersection of an irreducible difference variety of dimension d > 0 and order h with a generic difference hypersurface of order s is shown to be an irreducible difference variety of dimension d−1 and order h+s. Based on the intersection theory, the(More)
We carry out Monte Carlo simulations of the uniformly frustrated three dimensional XY model, as a model for vortex line fluctuations in high temperature superconductors in an applied magnetic field. We show, comparing systems of different size, that there are two distinct phase transitions. At a lower Tc⊥, the vortex lattice melts, and coherence is lost in(More)
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