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An Anti-Control Scheme for Spiral under Lorenz Chaotic Signals
The Fitzhugh?Nagumo (FHN) equation is used to generate spiral and spatiotemporal chaos. The weak Lorenz chaotic signal is imposed on the system locally and globally. It is found that for the rightExpand
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Development and transition of spiral wave in the coupled Hindmarsh-Rose neurons in two-dimensional space
The dynamics and the transition of spiral waves in the coupled Hindmarsh–Rose (H–R) neurons in two-dimensional space are investigated in the paper. It is found that the spiral wave can be induced andExpand
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Evolution of Spiral Waves under Modulated Electric Fields
Spirals generated from the excitable media within the Barkley model is investigated under the gradient electric fields by a numerical simulation. The spiral drift and spiral break up are observedExpand
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Suppression of Spiral Waves and Spatiotemporal Chaos Under Local Self-adaptive Coupling Interactions
In this paper, a close-loop feedback control is imposed locally on the Fitzhugh–Nagumo (FHN) system to suppress the stable spirals and spatiotemporal chaos according to the principle of self-adaptiveExpand
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Motion of spiral tip driven by local forcing in excitable media
We study the motion of a spiral wave controlled by a local periodic forcing imposed on a region around the spiral tip in an excitable medium. Three types of trajectories of spiral tip are observed:Expand
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Effects of Periodic Forcing Amplitude on the Spiral Wave Resonance Drift
We study dynamics of spiral waves under a uniform periodic temporal forcing in an excitable medium. With a specific combination of frequency and amplitude of the external periodic forcing, aExpand
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Controlling Spiral Dynamics in Excitable Media by a Weakly Localized Pacing
Spiral dynamics controlled by a weakly localized pacing around the spiral tip is investigated. Numerical simulations show two distinct characteristics when the pacing is applied with the weakExpand
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Short-Time Dynamics of Random-Bond Potts Ferromagnet with Continuous Self-Dual Quenched Disorders*
We present our Monte Carlo results of the random-bond Potts ferromagnet with the Olson–Young self-dual distribution of quenched disorders in two dimensions. By exploring the short-time scalingExpand
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A numerical study on the aging of two-dimensional spin systems
With a large-scale Monte Carlo simulation, the aging of the two-dimensional dynamic Ising and XY models is numerically studied. Starting from a disordered state, the systems are quenched to criticalExpand
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Topological susceptibility from overlap fermion
We numerically calculate the topological charge of the gauge configurations on a finite lattice by the fermionic method with overlap fermions. By using the lattice index theorem, we identify theExpand
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