Ying Guang Shi

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Let dα be a measure on R and let σ = are arbitrary real numbers. A polynomial ω n (x) := (x − x 1)(x − x 2)...(x − x n) with x 1 ≤ x 2 ≤ ... ≤ x n is said to be the n-th σ-orthogonal polynomial with respect to dα if the vector of zeros (x 1 , x 2 , ..., x n) T is a solution of the extremal problem R n k=1 |x − x k | m k dα(x) = min y1≤y2≤...≤yn R n k=1 |x −(More)
The differential chaos shift keying (DCSK) is a non-coherent modulation scheme, and has good anti-noise performance. The multipath Rayleigh fading channel is a typical channel in performance analysis of communication system. In this paper, based on the fundamental theories and with some recent researches of others, the DCSK performance is analyzed and the(More)
Project teams are becoming more and more crucial to the innovations of technology and products. Studies should be delved to make the team members both work effectively and achieve the expected goal when getting them together. In this paper, by using Synergetic, the author analyses the order parameters and relationship between them, which affect the(More)
In order to solve the wear numerical simulation problem of cylindrical roller bearing, a software is developed by the use of Visual Basic programming language in this paper. Based on dynamic theory of roller bearing and by the method for wear numerical simulation of components, considering variable real-time contact force and rotational velocity of roller(More)
A blind joint Direction of Arrival (DOA) and polarization estimation method for L-shaped polarization sensitive array has been investigated. Analysis of the received signal for the L-shaped array indicates its characteristics of a trilinear model. We derive a trilinear decomposition-based algorithm for joint DOA and polarization estimation, which can be(More)
Based on virtual prototyping technology, and considering the influence of friction on impact load, the dynamics model of in volute gear meshing is established by ADAMS. The simulation analysis is realized. The results of simulation analysis are basically in conformity with that of the theoretic calculation. The variation trend and reaction of the friction(More)