Ying-Feng Kuo

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The purposes of this study are to construct an instrument to evaluate service quality of mobile value-added services and have a further discussion of the relationships among service quality, perceived value, customer satisfaction, and post-purchase intention. Structural equation modeling and multiple regression analysis were used to analyze the data(More)
As profit margins gradually decline, and market competition becomes increasingly intensive, 3G telecom operatorsmust provide variousmobile value-added services, aswell as traditional voice services, to attract new subscribers and retain old ones. However, for many 3G mobile value-added services, whether ARPU (average revenue per user) can be effectively(More)
Based on the four perspectives of the balanced scorecard, including the financial, customer, internal process, and learning and growth perspectives, this study applied Fuzzy Delphi Method to construct key performance appraisal indicators for mobility of the service industries. The constructed indicators could serve as a reference for the service industries(More)
This study explores post-recovery satisfaction and post-purchase intentions with service recovery of online shopping customers from the perspectives on perceived justice and emotions based on twenty scenarios that combine five service failures and four recoveries. Analytical results indicating that in addition to enhancing post-purchase intentions and(More)
To stand up for the brands they support, members of brand communities develop “oppositional brand loyalty” towards other rival brands. This study identifies how the interaction characteristics of brand community affect the perceived benefits of community members, and whether the perceived benefits cause members to develop community commitment, as well as(More)
Online auctions are a new trading model that integrates auction mechanisms and the Internet. However, during the interaction between buyers and sellers, service failures inevitably occur. When service failures occur, selecting an effective service recovery strategy to correct the failure is an important issue. In this study, 867 failure incidents from(More)
In recent years, crowdfunding sprang up and became a new way to raise funds from the public instead of senior investors. Crowdfunding refers to enterprises and entrepreneurs raising funds from the crowd through social network by launching their projects on the crowdfunding platforms. However, more than half of the projects which were launched on the(More)