Ying-Duo Han

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This paper presents a novel adaptive dc-link voltage-controlled LC coupling hybrid active power filter (LC-HAPF) for reducing switching loss and switching noise under reactive power compensation. First, the mathematical relationship between LC-HAPF dc-link voltage and reactive power compensation range is deduced and presented. Based on the compensation(More)
This paper investigates different dc-link voltage control strategies in a three-phase four-wire LC coupling hybrid active power filter (LC -HAPF) for reactive power compensation. By using direct current (current reference) pulsewidth modulation (PWM) control method, to achieve dc-link voltage self-charging function during LC -HAPF start-up process, the(More)
This paper reports some findings on harmonic measurement at several buildings of Macao. The findings are current harmonic, harmonic current is caused by variable refrigerant volume (VRV) air-conditioning system, harmonic effect on capacitor, even order current harmonic and neutral current harmonic, they are for reference for Macao to set up the harmonic(More)
This paper presents the harmonic resonances prevention and compensation capabilities of three-phase four-wire center-spilt LC coupling hybrid active power filter (LC-HAPF). Firstly, a single-phase harmonic equivalent circuit model of the LC-HAPF is deduced and built. Based on the circuit model, the LC-HAPF compensation characteristics are studied and(More)
Voltage swell and overvoltage compensation problems in a diode-bridge rectifier supported transformerless-coupled dynamic voltage restorer (DVR) are discussed. When swell or overvoltage happens, applying conventional in-phase or phase-invariant boosting method causes a rapid rise in dc-link voltage, which may damage the storage capacitors and switching(More)
In this paper, a generalized pulse width (PW) modulator is proposed which can control three-leg center-split voltage source inverters (VSIs) and four-leg VSIs from two-level to multilevel topologies. VSIs with a neutral wire connection are important for power electronics applications in three-phase four-wire systems, such as active power filters and(More)
A 3-dimensional (3D) generalized direct PWM algorithm for multilevel converters in a three-phase four-wire active power filter is proposed. It is proved to be equivalent to the newly proposed generalized 3D space vector modulation (SVM). However, the direct PWM greatly simplifies the control algorithm and is much easier to implement in digital processors.(More)
Based on the modeling of a transformerless, H-bridge, double control loops dynamic voltage restorer (DVR), its stability, harmonics compensation capability, load adaptability and response time are both investigated and analyzed in per-unit system, which demonstrate and predict a stable and good compensating feature. Using the per-unit system to design,(More)
The 3D direct pulse width modulation (PWM) for three-leg centre-split voltage source inverters (VSIs) and four-leg VSIs is proposed in this paper. It can be applied to these VSIs from two-level to multi-level systems. The generalized 3D direct PWM implements the voltage synthesis in per-leg mode and it is based on the voltage second approximation as the(More)
This paper presents a minimum dc-link voltage design for three-phase four-wire center-split active power filters (APFs). According to the current quality data and the APF single-phase equivalent circuit models, the minimum dc-link voltage expression for the APF is deduced and proposed, in which the deduced expression is applicable to single-phase and(More)