Ying-Da Chen

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Fecal contamination of apples is an important food safety issue. To develop automated methods to detect such contamination, a recently developed hyperspectral imaging system with a range of 450 to 851 nm was used to examine reflectance images of experimentally contaminated apples. Fresh feces from dairy cows were applied simultaneously as a thick patch and(More)
High−resolution hyperspectral imaging (HSI) provides an abundance of spectral data for feature analysis in image processing. Usually, the amount of information contained in hyperspectral images is excessive and redundant, and data mining for waveband selection is needed. In applications such as fruit and vegetable defect inspections, effective spectral(More)
This article presents a method for detecting skin tumors on chicken carcasses using hyperspectral fluorescence imaging data, which provide fluorescence information in both spectral and spatial dimensions. Since these two kinds of information are complementary to each other, it is necessary to exploit them in a synergistic manner. Chicken carcasses are(More)
Hyperspectral images of cucumbers were acquired before and during cold storage treatment as well as during subsequent room temperature (RT) storage to explore the potential for the detection of chilling induced damage in whole cucumbers. Region of interest (ROI) spectral features of chilling injured areas, resulting from cold storage treatments at 05C or(More)
Development of an automated poultry inspection system that is low-cost, operates with minimum human intervention, and is able to maintain its accuracy is important to the U.S. Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) and the poultry industry. Such a system, placed strategically in the processing plants, would help improve the inspection speed, minimize(More)
Because of breeding practices, visual determination of kernel morphology is becoming less dependable for classification of hard red wheat as winter or spring. Because of the price differential between these classes, it is important to develop rapid, accurate, and automatable alternative methods. This study was conducted to determine whether feedforward(More)
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