Ying-Chyi Chou

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Indoor air quality monitoring in healthcare environment has become a critical part of hospital management and policy. Manual air sampling and analysis are cost-inhibitive and do not provide real-time air quality data and response measures. In this month-long study over 14 sampling locations in a public hospital in Taiwan, we observed a positive correlation(More)
A nurse's career can be divided into the exploration, establishment, maintenance, and disengagement stages. Because nurses have varied career needs at different career stages, this article uses literature review and in-depth interviews with nurses to understand the features of career stages. The authors detail nurses' career needs in different stages and(More)
Shortening waiting times is the most obvious and effective method of increasing service quality. As the workforce is limited, it is necessary to reform current systems of medical care and improve the efficiency of medical care. After process reengineering was proposed in 1990s, however, this concept has not yet been commonly applied to medical centers. The(More)
AIM This study divided nursing careers into four stages: exploration, establishment, maintenance and disengagement. Besides exploring whether nurses have different career needs at different career stages, this study also examines the gap between career needs and career development programmes, and its relationship with organizational commitment and turnover(More)
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