Ying Chun Dong

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An increase in interleukin (IL)-17A-producing cells, particularly at sites of tissue inflammation, is observed frequently, yet the mechanism is not fully understood. This study aims to dissect the role of IL-17 in autoimmunity-mediated neuroinflammation. The cytokine milieu containing elevated IL-17, which often appears in active states of autoimmunity, was(More)
The physicochemical conditions in an insect's gut microenvironment have been reported to play an important role in food processing and metabolisms. In this study, the profiles of oxygen, pH, redox potentials, and hydrogen in the isolated guts of the fungus-growing termite, Odontotermes formosanus Shiraki, were investigated with a microeletrode system.(More)
The interaction of two symmetrically branched tris-cyclam derivatives based on 1,3,5-trimethylenebenzene and phloroglucinol cores with nickel(II), copper(II), zinc(II) and cadmium(II) is reported. All four metal ions yield solid complexes in which the metal : ligand ratio is 3 : 1. For both ligand types, spectrophotometric titrations confirm the formation(More)
Objective: To analyze the clinical features in adults with tracheal neoplasm and to evaluate the efficacy of interventional bronchoscopic treatment. Methods: We retrospectively analyzed the clinical features of 43 adults undergoing therapeutic bronchoscopy for tracheal neoplasm diagnosed in Changhai Hospital affiliated to the Second Military Medical(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare the effects of postoperative patient-controlled intravenous analgesia (PCIA) with morphine, tramadol, or tramadol combined with lornoxicam on serum inflammatory cytokine production. METHODS 60 patients with an American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) physical status of I or II, undergoing radical correction of gastric cancer, were(More)
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