Ying-Chuan Lin

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Given the ubiquitous nature of the peptide linkage in biological molecules, replacement of the amide bond with isosteres in potential drug candidates has been a continual goal of many laboratories. Successful replacements will provide improved stability, lipophilicity, and absorption. Many surrogates have been introduced already, [1] yet the synthesis of(More)
BACKGROUND The protease inhibitor, TL-3, demonstrated broad efficacy in vitro against FIV, HIV and SIV (simian immunodeficiency virus), and exhibited very strong protective effects on early neurologic alterations in the CNS of FIV-PPR infected cats. In this study, we analyzed TL-3 efficacy using a highly pathogenic FIV-C isolate, which causes a severe acute(More)
We have obtained the 1.7 A crystal structure of FIV protease (PR) in which 12 critical residues around the active site have been substituted with the structurally equivalent residues of HIV PR (12X FIV PR). The chimeric PR was crystallized in complex with the broad-based inhibitor TL-3, which inhibits wild type FIV and HIV PRs, as well as 12X FIV PR and(More)
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