Ying-Chieh Liu

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AbstrAct Virtual teams are groups of members collaborating in the execution of a specific task from disperse locations. Increasing use of virtual teams has highlighted the need for organizations to focus on ways to improve their performance. The key issues of concern include both technical and social dimensions, and this research study addresses the latter.(More)
OBJECTIVE We designed and developed two interactive apps interfaces for dietary food measurements on mobile devices. The user-centered designs of both the IPI (interactive photo interface) and the SBI (sketching-based interface) were evaluated. Four types of outcomes were assessed to evaluate the usability of mobile devices for dietary measurements,(More)
The adoption and effective utilization of business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce in the healthcare industry can potentially assist in setting up an infrastructure which supports complex, multiparty Internet-based trading and transactions among medical products and services suppliers, insurers, wholesalers, and retailers in order to reduce health supply(More)
Few studies have formulated how individuals contribute to the team process and bring the success of virtual teams. The researcher attempted to integrate Technology-Task fit (TTF), Self-disclosure and Social Networks to build a framework to formulate how individual efforts are transited to the outcome of virtual teams. This framework was validated by an(More)
The credit scoring has been regarded as a critical topic. This study proposed four approaches combining with the NN (Neural Network) classifier for features selection that retains sufficient information for classification purpose. Two UCI data sets and different approaches combined with NN classifier were constructed by selecting features. NN classifier(More)