Ying-Chieh Lai

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With the rapid development of the Internet, e-learning systems have become more and more popular. For sharing and reusing teaching materials in different e-learning system, the Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) has become the most popular international standard among the existing ones. In an e-learning system, teaching materials are usually(More)
We previously reported a highly efficient protocol for bimetallic Ni-Al-catalyzed hydroheteroarylation of styrene with benzimidazole based on C-H bond activation. We have now delineated the mechanism of this process, providing a rationale for an observed switch in regioselectivity in the presence of the Lewis acid, AlMe3. The present mechanistic study gives(More)
We have disclosed a new mode of a chemically regioselective switch for C-H bond functionalization of benzimidazole derivatives via a cooperative effect invoked by Ni-Al bimetallic catalysis to create a steric requirement for obtaining the linear product of styrene insertion. Yet, excluding the AlMe(3) cocatalyst switches the reaction toward branch(More)
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