Ying-Che Kuo

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This paper describes the fault diagnosis in the operation of industrial ball bearings. In order to cluster the very small differential signals of the four classic fault types of the ball bearing system, the chaos synchronization (CS) concept is used in this study as the chaos system is very sensitive to a system's variation such as initial conditions or(More)
A packet-based least cushion first/most urgent first (PB-LCF/MUF) maximal matching algorithm is presented in this paper for combined input and output queued (CIOQ) switches with multiple traffic classes. The main benefit of using a CIOQ switch is to alleviate memory bandwidth requirement while providing quality of service (QoS) guarantee. It was proved(More)
It has recently been shown that a combined input output queued (CIOQ) switch with a speedup factor of 2 can exactly emulate an output-queued (OQ) switch [1]-[6]. In particular, the maximal matching algorithm, named Least Cushion First/Most Urgent First (LCF/MUF) algorithm presented in [6], can be executed in parallel to achieve exact emulation. However, the(More)
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