Yinfeng Qin

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High level feature extraction ID MAP Training set Testing set Brief description run1 0.116 LIG & CAS 1frame/shot & 3frame/shot baseline+keypoint run2 0.123 LIG & CAS 3frame/shot baseline run3 0.057 CAS & Flickr & Peekaboom 1frame/shot & 3frame/shot trecvid+flickr+peekaboom run4 0.103 CAS & Flickr & Peekaboom 1frame/shot & 3frame/shot borda fusion for run3(More)
SENSC algorithm is a newly proposed stable and efficient NSC algorithm. In this paper the SENSC algorithm is evaluated for the task of image clustering. A series of experiments are conducted on two different kinds of image datasets, including face images and natural images, and SENSC is compared with some other commonly used clustering methods. Experimental(More)
Well testing is a crucial stage in the decision of setting up new wells on oil field. Decision makers rely on the metrics to evaluate the candidate wells’ potential. One important metric is permeability, measuring the ability of porous material to transmit fluids. High permeability often leads to high yielding. In a conventional well test, the well is(More)
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