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The EasyTalk application is a large-vocabulary speaker-independent continuous Chinese speech recognition system, i.e. Chinese dictation machine (CDM), under the WINTEL environment. Addressed in this paper are a number of novel techniques adopted in the CDM engine which is the basis of EasyTalk, including the merging-based syllable detection automaton(More)
The purpose of this paper is to solve the contextual ellipsis problem that is popular in our Chinese spoken dialogue system named EasyNav. A Theme Structure is proposed to describe the attentional state. Its dynamic generation feature makes it suitable to model the topic transition in user-initiative dialogues. By studying the differences and the(More)
In this paper, a semantic parser with support to ellipsis resolution in a Chinese spoken language dialogue system is proposed. The grammar and parsing strategy of this parser is designed to address the characteristics of spoken language and to support the ellipsis resolution. Namely, it parses the user utterance with a domain-specific semantic grammar based(More)
In this paper we present the design and the implement of the language understanding component of a Chinese spoken language dialogue system EasyNav. In pursuing the coherence with the goal of understanding, we design the structure of system with speech decoding and language understanding integrated closely. Thus the language understanding component need to(More)
Mining influence in evolving entities is an important but challenging task, partly due to complex nature of it. In this paper, we mainly focus on the following problems on it with respect to stock market: (1) How to identify pairs of stocks that influence one another; (2) How to quantify the influence and capture group effects and dynamic nature of(More)
This paper describes transaction modeling and transactional recovery mechanism in Next Generation Trading System of Shanghai Stock Exchange. Stock trading systems belong to transactional information systems and require high performance and high availability. Firstly, a transaction model for stock trading is defined by a formal language. Secondly, a(More)
Primary-backup replication based on shared storage is a classical approach to ensuring high availability and data durability of stock trading systems, but it is difficult to further reduce the system latency due to persistence bottleneck. To solve this problem, a memory data replication approach based on Paxos algorithm is proposed, which accomplishes(More)
This paper describes audit replication and hot failover mechanisms in Next Generation Trading System of Shanghai Stock Exchange. Firstly, concepts and features of audit log and replication are introduced. A memory-based audit replication model is proposed. Secondly, date structures, functional modules and host deployment are described to implement the(More)
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