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Based on Gentry’ s identity based encryption, an identity based proxy re-signature scheme is proposed that is existentially unforgeable in the standard model under the q-SDH (Strong Diffie-Hellman) assumption. Comparison with all previous proxy re-signature schemes, the proposed scheme has a tight security reduction and very compact public(More)
Peer-to-Peer (P2P) content distribution networks such as BitTorrent swarms, are very popular on Internet. These networks rely on reciprocative chunk contribution of participating peers. However, such reciprocation induces the free-riding behavior, where peers receive chunks from other peers and do not upload chunks in return. It is shown in the literature(More)
Over the past few years, power tower accidents often occurred, it caused serious influence to our country electric power safety, and caused great economic loss. In order to improve the efficiency of the power tower safety testing, to protect the safety of staff, some people proposed to climb the tower to replace the robot staff to detect tower. In this(More)
In the last of years, many strong designated verifier signature schemes have been proposed. However, most of existing designated verifier proxy signature schemes are only secure in the random oracle which has suffered a lot of criticism. Therefore, secure and strong designated verifier signature in the standard model has attracted much interesting. In this(More)